When I was raised by my elders; they use to tell me that clear vision of future makes a man advanced despite of physical or geographical remoteness. But, with the given socio-economic hardships of my native village in the remote corner of Gilgit-Baltistan it all seemed an illusion. Nevertheless, my ambition shaped by the determination to face the challenges of the harsh village lifestyle paved the path for me to the best educational systems, showing that change is possible. Currently, I am availing the opportunity to study in Pakistan’s one of the most prestigious Karachi University by doing my BS (Hons) in sociology.
The journey to this point of life was full of learning experiences, which gradually shaped my objectives in life. I was working with different social entities from my childhood. For example, Pakistan Boys scouts Association enabled us to deliver for the wellbeing of society to maintain peaceful environment .it gave individuals opportunity to generate idea to think and do bigger things in life. Self-expression became part of my personality, where I could freely express personal and social issues through art and culture. These habits were not new but the legacy of our ancestors which found a proper mechanism of institutions and favorable environment to get imparted to us.
As I have travelled to this point of a modernized and diverse society, I along with the 60% of youth population of Pakistan stand on a critical junction, with deteriorating socio-political situation of the country like extremism and violence that erupts here and there time to time. Women, children and youth have suffered. This raises questions regarding the role of Sociologists in our society under such circumstances. How can, we as Sociologists change this situation to create and establish a society based on respect, equality and justice.
I have set many short term and long term goals that would help me in getting the maximum possible outcome. Firstly, I choose sociology as a profession that has immense capability and opportunity to deliver to the nation.
Being the student of sociology, I came to know that our country is faced with numerous challenges and social problems. I would like to get well equipped to face these challenges and find amicable solutions to these challenges. To achieve this goal, I would like to complete my studies here in Pakistan first and then avail opportunity to get education abroad (especially, from UK; Canada; Australia or USA), where I can acquire quality education and exposure to the latest knowledge and technologies. This will further enhance my career; it will also help me to explore the peaceful side of the picture in this turbulent society. My future goal is to establish a career that enables me to promote, understanding diversity of views and cultures and respecting differences of views and ideas instead of making it a point of fighting or creating tensions.


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  1. Welcome to the blogging world. Good to see you out there 🙂

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