Election Ahead in Gilgit-Baltistan

Another election is approaching fast in GB. The leaders of various kinds and forms have already rolled their sleeves up, while their respective supporters, who affiliate themselves with different groups, ideologies, personalities, tribes etc etc are also gaining momentum with the time. Particularly the youngsters, GB Diasporas are taking social media to express their love and anger for different candidates. It is vital for a viable society to discuss and debate on issues while upholding the ethical values of the society. We need not to get personal and become emotional while discussing issues. Plus the as


Election Ahead in Gilgit Baltistan.

piring leaders and their social media advisors should also promote tolerance and provide space for opponents to discuss and share their concerns. Coming to the specific point, which is identifying a politician from among candidates who could best work under the current political environment and political setup of GB. Who is a true leader? Who is competent? Who is honest? Who did what in past? What party? These are some critical questions our youth are debating on social media. I did a cursory content analysis of some of the comments of the commentators and likers on facebook on 3 different pages of candidates. I can assert from the commentators that most us are still confuse, we don’t have a clear framework in our mind to asses a candidate and his competencies. Either we are biased or our prejudices dominate our free conscience. First we need to determine, what competencies, experiences and traits, we are looking in our ideal leaders for the upcoming election in GB. Leadership has various forms; we have social leaders and some good religious ones. But here we are looking a political leader. The set of competencies required for being a political leader is entirely different from being a community leader or religious ones. Holding master degree in political science can most probably make you a good political analyst in this country but not a successful politician. It is like an MBA postgrad can work as an employee in some business/enterprise but may not necessarily become a successful entrepreneur. For successful entrepreneur/business one needs those specific competencies. In the political arena of Pakistan, here being a gentle man is not the desired trait for the position or simply being competent is not enough for holding the office. In GB context, we need someone, who could best perform under the present constitutional setup with limited autonomy and confront the continuous tug of war with the bureaucracy and establishment. We need someone who has proven skills to work with the bureaucratic system, which is dominant system in the area. We know the worth of so-called GBLA under the current political setup. This is high time specifically for the people of GB and particularly Hunza as the two countries (China & Pak) have already signed agreement on various mega projects. We need to safeguard our interests in the rapidly changing environment. Our land rights, our pastures, land river, natural landscape, everything will be on stake, if did not chose the right person. Not a community leader, not a religious ones but someone who knows the politics and can play politics for the people and by the people


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