GOJAL,HUNZA: The Longest Tunnel on KKH (4485mt) will connect Gojal to Central Hunza in the mid of 2015. CRBC. |PASSUTIMES.EN

Good news indeed. thanks CRBC. Pak China dosti zindabad 🙂

Passu Times English

collage_FotorGOJAL, HUNZA:  January 01: China Road and Bridge Corporation (CRBC), a construction company from China successfully completed the longest tunnel (4485 meter) over on new alignment to connect traffic from Central Hunza to Gojal Upper Hunza, which has been suspended for five years due to the Attabad Lake. CRBC arranged a colorful ceremony on 30th December 2014 to celebrate this historic millstone. On this occasion, the CRBC officials acknowledged its top six outstanding and professional staff for their dedication and hard work. Mr. Nazir Aman Tajik from Gojal Upper Hunza has been awarded best technical person. Mr. Nazir was trained by CRBC two years ago and he is part of the engineering group. According to CRBC officials, this realignment of KKH (24km) including two tunnels, seven large-high and 2 small bridges, 70 culverts and 80.583 cum retaining walls will be completed and opened for all traffics by mid of 2015.

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