Dept of Sociology at University of Karachi still don’t have computer lab in the age of 4G

No doubt this world has become a global village and every one on this globe needs to up-to-date them with time.  Students and teachers can share information with other people. The researchers can interact with each other to share knowledge and get guidance. Indeed sharing information via Internet is very cheap, fast and easy method. .

There are different types of information available and stored on different websites on internet.

Students or teachers can easily find information on different topics of the world. The best thing is that the information is stored and available there for 24 hours which is free of cost too.

Students can get online education through internet and there are many universities in the world which provide lecture and tutorials on different subjects and Topics. Students in different universities use to download these tutorials lectures into their laptops and listen it repeatedly to get more knowledge.

Students are able to search various kinds of jobs throughout their vacant vacancies in most of the organizations/departments around the world, on the web.

This fact cannot be denied by anyone that internet is essential for both the students and teachers but this most important source of getting information and knowledge is lacking in the department of Sociology at University of Karachi. Even Professors don’t have access to it.

The students are having immense problems while doing their assignments, especially in their final year research based thesis.

‘’There is only one computer lab near the department where they charge the students 40 rupees per hour’’ said Hussain Rumi- final year student in Sociology department.

When I asked Prof. Dr Naima about this issue she said that even we teachers have not this facility here in the department how can a student think of it?

Being the student of Sociology with due respect we demand the vice chancellor of the university of Karachi to take immediate notice of this issue and please let us make feel that we are in the 21st century .


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