Two days of the ultimatum, but there is no any ray of hope for the students.

 It was Thus -May, 7:30pm, 2014 when a private news channel breaks news that a student has been raped in one of the prestigious universities of Pakistan, University of Karachi. This news went viral throughout Pakistan on social and print media. According to different sources and social media posts they say Mr. Pro. Ayaz raped a social science student in the mathematics department, the victim tried to commit suicide, but fortunately rescued by the students available on the spot. The students of the University of Karachi sit-in protest in front of the vice chancellor office and demand to bring the culprit to justice, but unfortunately the VC did not bother to come downstairs from his security proof office. Approximately, after two hours when the management noticed media persons, cameraman and women right activists among the crowd, sent the student advisor to the students to hear the demands. The advocate of vice chancellor was not able to answer the question raised by the students and went back to VC by saying this is all a rumor against the University. Although the management of UoK tried their best to hide this news by considering it a rumor against the university, but students have still questions on their mind. If this is all rumors, then why don’t the student advisors go on media and condemn the news. What action will be taken against the print and social media who published/on air the news? If this is rumor then where is the Professor why don’t he come up and condemn the news. What was the need to drop the girl to her home in Dr Iraqi (Director Examination)’s car? Why the girl were shouting in the mathematics department and try to finish herself? Why the girl’s family shifted to an unknown place from the place where they were living for many years? These questions urge the management to come back to the students again and Students were amazed to hear that the official spoke man of UoK Mr Muhammad Adil condemning the act of the professor by proving that this incident happened in the university. The vice chancellor formed a special investigation team based on professors to investigate the case. The students of KU gave two days ultimatum to the university to bring the culprit to justice. Mr Rahim u din senior student from GB were leading and organized the protest. The latter on the number of social activists joined the protest. Shah Zaman member Awami Action Committee Gilgit, Zehra Aly member women rights, Tariq Aziz, President Gilgit-Baltistan students Association were among the protester.



One thought on “Two days of the ultimatum, but there is no any ray of hope for the students.

  1. We have become inhumane. UoK administration should probe this matter.

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