Who is responsible for all this fuss?

Today I was coming out from the class room, tired and sleepy. Thought to avoid friends and just go back to home. At once something captured my eyes. My friend who is my senior in the same department where I study sociology was sitting and thinking about something very deeply.
What can be the problem? Should I ask him? Have to go back home as everyone know that the city situation is going worse day by day. What happened? I asked. Get no response from the front. Should I leave I asked myself. Finally I heard; what should I do? He asked me slowly and in a very humble way which urges me to sit with him for a while and ask him about the reason of his sadness.
He further added that he is having problem with his studies just because he was not able to pay his last semester fee for some good reason. What might be the reason to not pay his fee, question arise on my mind and immediately he answered the unasked question by saying that the government of Gilgit-Baltistan promised to the directly and indirectly effectees of the area who were badly affected by the Attabad disaster to pay their school colleges and university fee. It has become the tradition of our politicians, they promise the people to give relief in any difficult time and as I experienced that is totally false and unfair act by our politician. It is needn’t to trust them anymore. Anyway my friend told me that his name has been removed from the attendance list and even he is not able to get his last year Performa.
Whose fault is this? I asked. He accepted that this is his entire fault because he stopped his father to not send him the semester fee as his name was shortlisted and the Govt- of GB received ten caror rupees. It has said that our one semester fee will be paid by the Government of Gilgit-Baltistan.
I was listening to him and meanwhile was thinking about the special report which I read in one of the local newspaper from Gilgit that the speaker of GB said that (PT,Gilgit, March 31) (Corruption is at the peak and I am not dumb and deaf to stay silent. I am firm at my stand and will oppose the corrupt elements. I am not deterred by opposition, no matter where it comes from. And he also asked the chief minister of GB that nothing is known about ten Crore rupees received in the name of the disaster affected students of Gojal Valley and Attabad. He said that he wrote to the education minister and the CM to inquire about the money but they did not give any satisfactory response).
Really it is very bitter truth to accept that our politicians and high officials in the government office have ruined this nation. Politicians are doing business instead of service.
I witnessed many students from Gojal valley that they are having the same issue and they have been warn from the management of Karachi university that they will not let them to attempt their final papers. I am not saying that the education department did not sent the fee to all of the students , they did but unfortunately only for their family members plus those who phone and fool the man thousand times who were responsible to distribute the money to the students. They say that most of the student who were in the morning program having 2500 rupee fee got 2o thousands and those who have 20 thousands fee got nothing. Isn’t it funny?
Most of the student’s names were eradicated from the list by just saying that you are from Sound family and Government professor’s son got their fee paid. This is not only the situation of the students Gojal here in Karachi; students are raising their voice and asking for their rights from every part of Pakistan.
Well I just reached home and tried my best to reach the education department of GB on the given number on the official web site of Gilgit-Baltistan(Ph: 0092 5811 920407) but got no response.
At last but not the least, we are optimistic and we are looking towards the GB government that they will ask the corrupt government officials that what they have done with the ten coror rupees?
I appeal all the students of Gojal valley to come up and raise their voice. This is your right to ask about the money which has been stolen from you.


4 thoughts on “Who is responsible for all this fuss?

  1. a good piece of write up having a sad story. guys you can make it … follow ups are most needed.

  2. Reblogged this on navaidtajik and commented:
    I dont know what to say but these politiations have done wrong with the students of Gojal valley.

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