wakhi (xikwor zik) my mother tongue


                   The service of   Master Haqiqat Ali for the wakhi community

Really it won’t be justice being literate persons of the wakhi community not
to applaud and appreciate the efforts of Mr.Haqiqat Ali (late) who is not among us today.
May his soul rest in eternal peace (Aameen)!
He has the honour to be the first person who introduces the wakhi language not only locally
but also internationally. He was among the few educated persons in Gojal.He had a lot of
education and enhancing the wakhi language .he had also the honour to write few books
about the culture of Hunza valley, trekker guides to Chitral etc. His prominent book
among them was regarding the wakhi language. He was the first man to compose alphabets for the wakhi language. His contribution for the wakhi language would always be remembered for a very long-long time.
The youth of the wakhi community must wake up and learn from the effort of their great
leader who led them from the front inspire of having though times and less resources. Mr Ahmed Jami Sakhi who worked on wakhi language after the death of Master Haqiqat describe his service for the wakhi community in few words,”  Mr. Haqiqat Ali (Late) was one of the pioneers to study and voicing for Wakhi culture and language. His contribution to Wakhi language was though of primary nature but had long-lasting impact on the minds and hearts of thinking Wakhis. His three books on Wakhi language Wakhi Language: Volume 1 1985 , and Tourism & Trekking (Trekkers guide to Hunza – 1984, Trekkers guide to Chitral – 1999)  were a land mark, as he did not received any formal education from a college or University, but yet he was able to author two books out of his tireless efforts and life experience.
He was a man of word, humane and intellectual. His wisdom led a revolution in the field of studies in Wakhi language and culture. We solute him and pray to Almighty Allah that May his soul rest in eternal peace.’


3 thoughts on “wakhi (xikwor zik) my mother tongue

  1. Local Researchrs:

    Mr. Haqiqat Ali (Late), Mr. Asmat Ullah Mushfiq, Mr. Ahmed Jami Sakhi, Mr. Ghulam Amin Beg, Mr. Ali Qurban, Mr. Aman Ullah, Mr. Fazal Amin Beg, Mr. Aejaz Karim, Mr. Murad Shah

    Foriegn Researchers:
    Prof. Steblin Kamenskiy, Dr. John Mock, Mr. Peter Bergstrom, Prof. Koji KAMIOKA, Prof. Dr. Satoko, Dr. Hermann Kreutzman

    Social Activits, Pakistan:

    Mr. Ghulam ud Din, Mr. Ali Baqa (Late), Mr. Rehbar Khan, Mr. Ali Johar, Mr. Abuzar Khan, Mr. Ali Aman Gojali, Mr. Nazir Ahmed Bulbul, Mr. Zulfiqar Ali Khan

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