The religon of peace

In the name of Allah, the most Gracious,the ever merciful.

“Allah invites (us all) to the abode of peace and he guides him who wishes to be guides to the exact right path leading to the goal”. (Yunus: 10:25)

The religion which the Quran preaches is called ISALAM, which means “peace” and the book invites people to the abode of peace.

The Quran dose not just speak of peace but also provides us a code to achieve,establish and maintain it. A very basic announcement in the opening chapter ( Al-Fatihah) states that God is the Nourisher to perfection for all humankind and all world ( Rabbal-Alamin) and that there is no claim of exclusiveness of any religious group or sect rest of his universer irrespective of their origin colour or belief and his dealings with the human being in spiritual matters is markedwith the sameimpartiality . (Al-fatihah) “All type of perfect and true praise belongs to Allah alone, the lord of the world, the most gracious, the ever merciful”.

The book mentions all the hurdles in the way of peace and tranquility.

It speaks of differences in faith,of race,in language,colour and regional patriotism and provides guidance to remove there barriers in the path to peace, the unity of God and the unity of humankind are presented by the Quran as fundamentally interconnected.

One of the basic principle that can bring about peace and unity among the nations and the religions of the world is tolerance,respect and honour towards each other’s founders,saints and heroes. The Quran tells us repeatedly that every nation had its warner and there warners are to be respected and honoured.India had its Vedic Rishis,Krishna,Ramachandra and Buddha,China saw its teacher in confucious and Persia in the person of Zoroaster. As the Quran says: ” There are some of them whom we have mentioned to you and of them there are some whom we have not mentioned to you “(Ghafir: 40:78) Belief in the Divine teachings of of all these Prophets is one of the fundamentals of Islamic faith. All other religions and many of their respective sects while claiming their own Divine origin deny this privilege to other religions. The Quran rejects this exclusiveness and narrowness of mind which has engendered the feeling of conceit,pride and content and which has been disintegrating the whole fabric of human society.

Quran says :

Surely those who profess to believe in islam and those who follow the Jewish faith,the Christains and the sabians, whossoever of these truly believes in Allah and the last day and acts righteously shall have their reward with their lord and shallhave nothing to fear nor shall they grieve. (AL Baqara) 2:62)

Another way of promoting peace and understanding between nations and religions of the world is the way of dialogue. The holy Quran says :

O people of the scripture !! let us agree to a proposition common to us both.

In this verse the Quran invites all the followers of Divine revelation to a dialogue based on common grounds putting aside their mutual differences.

Quran thus does not proclaim that east is east and west is west and no understanding or union is possible between the two. The Quran refutes such ideas when it says the lord of the worlds is the same as the lord of the east and of the west and of all that lies between the two. The lord of the two east and lord of the two wests.

Therefore, the so called east and the so called west have the same God and those who claim the worship God should not act contrary to reason, wisdom and morality. As the rising and the setting of the sun on the globe of the earth, there is a rise and fall of nations. As on the globe of the earth setting point for a people is the rising point for another. the same thign happens in the histories of nations.

There are innumerable risings and settings and thus innumerable easts and innumerable wests but nothing that is permanently east or permanently  west.

By going through some verse of the holy Quran it enlighten my knowledge. Isalam is the religion of peace indeed.

Note: This is my first ever Article and i am optimistic that i will get positive response.


Asif Sakhi

Bs Sociology Karachi University


2 thoughts on “The religon of peace

  1. a very well work done by you 🙂

  2. Nyce Work … its A Good Piece try to Aggregate more and More so Inshallah u will get to know the Value

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